“I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize my experience with Kari L.  while processing a recent claim request.

Without Kari and her attention to detail and her commitment to follow up with me on my WellNet claim, the process would have been much more difficult.

One of the determining factors in WellNet retaining Snapp and Associates as a continued and valued client and me, as a Benefits Member is the Customer Service and care that is provided by representatives like Kari L. anytime our Employees (Employee Benefit and Property & Casualty Brokers) need assistance.

Kari provided me realistic expectations from the beginning, but exceeded those anticipated expectations by following up with me proactively and ultimately closing out my Claim.

As someone who is in the Insurance Industry, I interface with a variety of Carrier Representatives daily.

In the case of Kari I would have to say that she is heads above most if not all of the Customer Service Representatives I work with or have worked with in many years.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize my above comments and for accepting my enthusiasm toward your Team.”