“My three WellNet clients have never been level-funded. Most other health plan options (as a fully-insured group) were not viable either because the network was very limited and local which was not a solution for their entire employee population or the network was large and national but the rates were much too high.

The level-funded option not only provided my clients with a better premium and a larger network but it also placed a cap on their risk and they were able to pay a flat monthly amount which they were used to in the prior fully insured option.  It is an excellent solution to what is currently a broken health system.

WellNet is service sensitive.  This trickles down from the top.  WellNet strives to support me as the broker so I can in turn support my clients.  As all brokers know, we are only as good as the company we partner with.  If we can’t get answers/ find solutions for issues in a timely manner, this reflects badly on us as brokers.”