How WellNet Helps Your Company,
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  1. Understand the Underlying Problem within the Economics of Healthcare
  2. Provide Concrete Examples and Direction on How to Build a Better Health Plan at a Much Lower Price Point
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Why Traditional Insurance Models No Longer Work

Wondering why so many companies don't switch gears? Watch WellNet Senior Vice President, John Augustine explain the details most carriers don't share with their clients.

Watch our Video Meeting. Many are saying it's the most valuable 30 minutes they've spent on one of their top business line items.

Company Success Stories

In 2016, an automotive dealer with 600 employees was exhausted from having received another 25% health insurance premium increase. With little to no explanation or understanding as to the rate hike, they decided to shift gears and level-fund their health plan, (self-insurance with stop loss built in, then divided into 12 equal monthly installments to feel like a budgetable premium). In 24 months, focusing on the destination- the owner saved $4MM. In the car business, with profit margins of $1,000 per new car sold, that's like selling 4,000 additional cars. As a result of the total plan savings on renewal, the employer reduced the employee's contribution by 20 percent, an average savings of more than $500 a year. But, they're not alone.

Learn how WellNet's level-funded health care options helped companies from various industries reallocate insurance costs into more profitable areas of their business.

  • See how a Maryland-based auto dealer chainbenefitted substantially when switching to WellNet's level-funded insurance options.

  • See how a New-York-based semi-pro soccer team benefitted substantially when switching to WellNet's level-funded insurance options.

Given the magnitude of the healthcare line item- learn more about how WellNet can help produce massive savings resulting in immediate EBITDA improvement with our innovative and proven approach.

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