How Companies Control
& Reboot Their Health Plan

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Live! C‑Suite Table Talk & Luncheon

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Wednesday, May 22

Tysons Corner

Thursday, May 23


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C-Suite Table Talk in South Florida

Americans don't love our healthcare system - they tolerate it.

That’s because the system has been successful at two things: making money & getting you (and your employees) to pay more for less.


Healthcare has become undeniably unaffordable for companies, employees & their families.

As executives work harder to produce profits in this uncertain economy, companies cannot tolerate million‑dollar mistakes.

Health insurance is your #1 negotiable operating expense when managed efficiently.


Join Hilton Sher, CFO of Consolidated Credit & healthcare strategists for a collaborative roundtable on how the most successful companies in your market are rebuilding highly efficient health plans.

  • Hear the strategies for cost containment, pharmacy spend reduction, improved outcomes & elevated talent acquisition + retention.
  • Explore case studies to see the numbers.
  • Leverage peer‑to‑peer networking to discuss ideas.
  • Connect with solution experts making the roadmap.
  • Ask questions on implementation & long‑term savings.

Choose Your Date & City


Meet Hilton Sher, CFO of Consolidated Credit – a growing company with 200+ employees who transitioned their health plan over 4 years ago.

Alongside healthcare experts, Hilton will share their journey from high renewal rates to rebuilding a highly efficient health plan for the company & its people.



CFO of Consolidated Credit with 200+ employees

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