100% Match 2022 [TV-MA] 1h

Back in hot water? Not you. Season 2 is a deeper dive to uncover hidden healthcare gems. 5 new CEOs suit up for the best pitch they’ve ever heard.

Hello, Sharks.

5 unique live episodes.
Hundreds of executives & advisors.
1 pitch.

Often imitated, never duplicated
– the tank brings together key industry players for a real simulation of CEO intrigue (or pushback), healthcare education & advisor strategies.

Launches May 24

In this social experiment, CEOs enter the tank without any prior pitch or material. Our job is to educate them on the self-funded journey for their company & people. Are they in or out? Find out why.

Meet the:

  • CEO recognized by Fast Company who raised almost $700m & built 150 nationwide stores.
  • CEO of the sustainable Founding Farmers brand of Restaurants & Distillery.
  • COO of an investment management & strategic advisory firm approaching $90B of assets.
  • CEO of a leading software solution to help build safer, smarter communities.
  • Co-founder & CEO of a thriving hospitality company with multiple restaurants & bar concepts.

+Guest moderators & CEO pop-in guests to keep us on our toes!

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Season 2 Sharks

More CEO Sessions, Collaboration & C-Suite Mindset


Brett Schulman

CEO & Co-Founder


Dan Simons

CEO & Founder


Brien White



Dave Zolet



Fritz Brogan


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