BETHESDA, Md.Aug. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — This week, WellNet hired two seasoned business development executives — Jill Fallon in Texas and Kimberly Connelly in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jill and Kimberly to our team,” said Keith Lemer, Chief Executive Officer of The WellNet Healthcare Plan. “Together, they have decades of experience helping small and mid-sized businesses reduce health costs and improve the quality of their benefits.”

WellNet allows firms to level and self-fund their health benefits, letting them keep the funds they don’t spend on claims rather than remit them to a conventional insurer.

“Under the ACA, traditional insurers have no incentive to manage their clients’ costs. Generally speaking, health insurance carriers’ revenues and profits go up when the cost of claims goes up for consumers,” explained Jason Kovar, Chief Executive Officer of WellNet Healthcare Administrators. “With WellNet’s plans, employees maintain access to their existing healthcare providers, while employers identify opportunities for health coaching and other means of reducing healthcare expenses.”

Fallon, formerly of Benefit Mall and United Healthcare, will be based in Houston and oversee WellNet’s outreach to executives, benefits consultants, and brokers in the Southwestern United States. Connelly, who recently helped form Maryland’s Co-op, Evergreen Health, will be based in Baltimore and do the same for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Fallon and Connelly will be instrumental in handling the increasing popularity of WellNet’s health plans, which help firms escape big name insurers’ skyrocketing premiums. The company has seen 42% percent year-over-year growth and hired or promoted 20 associates in the first half of 2016.

“WellNet’s growth is a direct result of the executives we have assembled to service and support our customers and broker partners,” said Lemer. “These exciting hires will be directly responsible for helping thousands of employers, employees and their families reduce health costs.”

For more information or to set up an interview with WellNet, please contact Yael Wollstein at (202) 471-4228 ext. 118 or Email.

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WellNet is a nationwide healthcare management company that provides pharmacy administration, population health management, and competitive level and self-funded health plans for employers combined with the highest degree of reliable service, attention and response.

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