WellNet Healthcare Selected to Develop and Administer Onward Health Product for OneDigital

OneDigital teams up with WellNet to deliver exclusive progressive health care product

September 08, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

ATLANTA — OneDigital, the nation’s leading strategic advisory firm focused on redefining the world of work, reshaping retirement and investment outcomes, and unlocking health and holistic wellbeing for its people, today announced the creation of Onward Health, a turn-key, exclusive health plan solution. The new solution administered by WellNet, a national healthcare management firm focused on building and optimizing more innovative self-funded health plans for companies and their people, will be made exclusively available to OneDigital customers.

“With the right data and visibility to make informed decisions, businesses that utilize the Onward Health playbook achieve significant claims reductions. With over 20+ key optimizers, businesses find about $200,000 in savings for every 100 employees they cover”

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Despite a tremendous amount of innovation, healthcare spending continues to climb rapidly without better health outcomes. Onward Health was developed to disrupt the lack of health care plan transparency for employers, the need for hands-on education and guidance for members and to provide stronger advocacy aligned with the incentives that combat the interests of traditional carriers. This progressive new approach will leverage immediate and long-term strategies to provide cost-control, clarity and high-touch member engagement at a pace that works for each business. Onward Health integrates OneDigital’s specialized clinical team of pharmacists and actuaries to provide fully transparent NADAC pricing and prescription benefit management, leveraging clinical and financial strategies to eliminate waste and provide unparalleled transparency and cost reductions. The solution is also calibrated to identify the vast disparity in provider quality – one of today’s most significant cost drivers in health plans.

“At OneDigital, we are firm believers that every American employer and employee deserve a level playing field and the opportunity to access the highest quality care at reasonable costs,” said Chris Thurin, Executive Vice President for organic growth at OneDigital. “Through this new partnership, we will be able to guide, empower and enable our OneDigital customers to take the next best steps towards plan savings, risk management and change management, varying on their appetite for pace and innovation. We’re excited to partner with WellNet because we have a shared desire to relentlessly challenge the industry to do better.”

“With the right data and visibility to make informed decisions, businesses that utilize the Onward Health playbook achieve significant claims reductions. With over 20+ key optimizers, businesses find about $200,000 in savings for every 100 employees they cover,” shared Keith Lemer, Chief Executive Officer of WellNet. “We’re thrilled to be selected as the partner of choice to bring Onward Health to OneDigital’s network of customers, delivering a multi-year strategic road map that improves the health, culture and economic value of organizations that utilize this solution.”

To explore a self-funded plan built for more savings and better outcomes, visit https://www.onedigital.com/onward-health-solution/.

About OneDigital

OneDigital is the nation’s leading health, retirement/wealth, and HR advisory firm focused on empowering business growth for employers of all sizes. The company has consistently led as a workplace ally for over 20 years. OneDigital’s unique ability to converge health, wealth and human resources into a hub of services and business guidance has empowered companies to create workplaces that attract and retain talent while fueling innovation and company growth. As employee health care, wellness and workplace benefits continue to shift, companies of all sizes have relied on OneDigital’s exceptional advisory teams for counsel and its adjacent services, including employee benefits, holistic HR services, employee wellbeing and pharmacy consulting, as well as the retirement and wealth management services provided through OneDigital Investment Advisors. Headquartered in Atlanta, OneDigital’s more than 100 offices and 2,400+ business strategists serve the needs of over 85,000 employers across the nation. For more information, visit www.onedigital.com.

About WellNet Healthcare

WellNet builds and optimizes smarter self-funded health plans for companies across the nation with 100 to 5,000 employees. Taking risk and leveraging our patented technology stack, we fix the unaffordable healthcare mess with ongoing education, stronger advocacy, and aligned incentives to combat the vested interests of traditional health insurance carriers. Our unique ability is doing whatever it takes – at the right pace – with our Crawl, Walk, Run approach to lower the cost of healthcare and improve the experience for companies and their people.

Visit www.wellnet.com to drive down the cost of healthcare.


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