Cut the Health Insurance Expense and Drive Higher Profitability for Your Dealership

Sponsor higher-quality benefit plans for your employees at a fraction of the cost.

With profit margins one of the biggest concerns for dealer principals, what’s easier? Reducing health insurance costs by 20% or growing store revenues by 40%? The net result is the same.

WellNet empowers dealer principals to increase profits by decreasing overhead costs. Our level and self-funded health plans offer the right amount of innovation and simplified member experience. By pursuing a self-funded or level-funded program, dealerships will only have to pay for the health claims employees consume. These reductions in your claims expense are a direct savings to your bottom-line.

Have all of the benefits, without paying for them.

Rising health insurance costs don’t have to be a hindrance to auto dealers. By rejecting traditional fully insured plans through conventional insurance and switching to partial self-funded and level-funded programs, dealer principals can sponsor higher quality benefit plans at a much lower cost.

WellNet is Dedicated to Driving Down the Cost of Healthcare

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