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The C-Suite can be a lonely place – with very few confidantes to trade tips, ideas & war stories.

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A Few Teasers:

In a climate where companies are fighting a war on talent & retention, uncover how CFOs are finding seven figure savings to put employees first.

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A Few Teasers:

“In my mind, I’ve taken healthcare and made it like another division in the company. I know every week what’s happening in the plan. It’s forced us to be so cognizant of everything that’s happening and that’s a good thing.

As a culture, we now invest the time to keep current and see where we’re going wrong. It’s not a one and done – you consistently work at it.”

“We are not a young group. We’re not an old group. We’re somewhere in the middle. We have plenty of heavy claims. I don’t want people to think – ‘Oh, we have this guy on our plan and I know he’s going to be expensive – so then self-insured is not an option.’ Honestly, it’s a better option

There are so many little elements within health insurance that we have zero control over in a traditional plan. A self-insured plan allows you to make it fit you, your employee and age base, and make it successful.”

“The biggest adjustment is really behind the scenes. In the 20 years I’ve been at Consolidated Credit, this was the first time we felt that we had a handle on where we were going and how to address it. This is not about taking benefits away or hurting the employee and their families. We didn’t exclude anything – we found a better way to source it.”