Healthcare Uncovered:

5 Questions No One Is Asking

This 30‑minute executive session will reverse engineer the group health insurance conversation to extract what matters: saving money, improving outcomes & taking care of your people.

Executive Educational Livecast

Why Attend

Endless frustrations – with unjustified healthcare renewal increases – are louder than ever.

And it’s not only HR raising the red flag.

It’s the C‑suite leaders stepping in.
And up.

Tuesday, July 16

11:00 am ET

Designed for insurance advisors, their current & prospective clients & C‑suite leaders looking to deconstruct the traditional insurance model.

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It’s Time to Ask the Hard Questions

See how it all untangles
debunking the claims game, identifying inefficiencies,
mitigating costs & eliminating vested interests inflating your plans.

Healthcare Uncovered:

5 Questions No One is Asking

Auto, Life, Home & Health Insurance – How are they related?

Join self-funding experts for a deep dive into the critical questions every C‑suite leader should ask on their quest for smarter health plans.

Drill down & uncover a better way to finance your healthcare + reallocate the savings.

  1. Do you pay an insurance premium every month?
  2. Who is responsible for paying the claims under the policy?
  3. In a bad year, who is responsible for the losses?
  4. In a good year, who benefits the most?
  5. What will your premium be next year?

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