Heading into our 3rd and 4th quarter quoting I wanted to give you an update on WellNet:
1. BCI now has 7 cases sold and implemented. The process is working well and we have not had any claims paying issues.

2. From a quoting perspective remember that all proposal requests are required to go through Mark M. at BCI. This would include those requests from our Strategic Partners. We do this to make sure we can manage the data requirements. Multiple reinsurance markets are approached by WellNet on our behalf and the need for a central point of reference for WellNet is very important given the number of cases we are having WellNet review.

3. On this note please take an extra moment to consider whether your client will truly be interested in WellNet’s level-funded health plan and if their claims and health history even make them a candidate. If you have large ongoing claims please do not submit.

4. If your group is a current client and claims data is available, please submit this with the RFP. WellNet is able to quote using claims data instead of requiring individual questionnaires.

5. We have had success moving groups from UHC’s All Savers to WellNet. If you have All Saver questionnaires filled out, WellNet will use those to underwrite cases.

6. From the time of RFP to getting a quote back can range from 3 to 7 days. Please plan accordingly.

As a reminder, WellNet is a perfect fit for clients that have community rating issues. In addition I would offer:
1. WellNet has a tremendous reporting package that is available 24/7. You can pull claims info and other data at any time.

2. I am just now getting into their Wellness packages but they marry their claims tools with Wellness to better serve your clients on identifying and managing claims and their renewals.

3. Complete customization on plan design.”