“I wanted to take a few moments to express some things that I have observed recently while dealing with WellNet. I have been involved with some other level-funded programs in the past, and have had some really bad experiences. When I found your company, I had hopes that things would turn around, for not only my clients, but me as well.

To my pleasant surprise, I have experienced a complete 180-degree turnaround!  WellNet takes a “hand holding” approach with each of their clients, conveying the “every client is important” message, no matter how big or small. From the underwriting process, to quote return, to the sales presentation, to the implementation process, and beyond, it is all handled with a personal touch that is appreciated my clients and me. This “concierge-type/service first” approach is a great differentiator for WellNet. Should you continue with these “best practices,” the brokerage community will be very interested in building a long-term, committed relationship with the entire WellNet team.

As it relates to John Augustine, my WellNet representative, I wanted to thank him for all of his hard work and attentiveness to every detail. Make no mistake–John is a reflection on me, and an extension of me. When selecting a business partner, I can’t tell you how critical it is to have the confidence in the relationship and representative I work with. With John I have both.

Best Regards,

Joe Novello

Joseph A. Novello
President and CEO
Novello & Associates”